On Sunset

‘A husband is different to a boyfriend. A boyfriend can just go ‘bye bye’ and leave.’

‘Husbands do that too sometimes. It has been known.’


The run up was like this. I was talking about the weather and saying there was snow on the hills near the airport this morning. He replied that there was snow in his country as well. I asked where he was from. He said Armenia.

I asked how long he’d lived in Los Angeles. He said 25 years. I asked whether he liked it. He said ‘not so much’. I asked if he thought he would ever go back to Armenia. He said it was impossible, he has three children and six grandchildren now. It’s different when you have a family, he said. And anyway, he is used to America now.

‘Are you married?’…

The breeze comes through the window and blows dust into my eyes. I watch the street numbers increasing towards my destination. Bits of palm trees blow across the road.

He offers me some gum. I take it. Equilibrium is restored.






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