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an appropriate outfit

‘I like your jacket, is it new. You’re looking very tweedy.’ [Pause] ‘People will think you’re taking the piss!’ So said my friend* this afternoon

She has a point. As soon as I got the Glasgow job I started steering myself towards knitwear and trousers that looked like they should be striding across Glens. I’m a great believer in appropriate outfits but I did wonder, as I bought the skirt that to my mind was Mad Men meets Super Gran (Mad Gran?), if I might be overdoing it. For the record, no one dresses like Super Gran here. BUT charity shops do have the gear, that should you want to, would furnish you with something close to the look. Second hand shops are less Super Gran oriented but have a lot of chunky knits, duffel coats and anoraks. Suddenly these indie fashions make sense. They are practical adaptations to the climate.

There is nothing more predictable than moving to Glasgow and moaning about the weather but I will just say that I did not know how to dress for Scottish summer. I ended up wearing summer dresses and 30 denier tights the whole time, apart from that hot week back in May. At one point I even Googled ‘Glasgow summer clothes’ for some tips and found advice for travellers that said to bring warm clothes, waterproofs, a mosquito net, sensible shoes and ‘something glitzy for the weekend’. The last part is good advice. Adey pointed out that dressing for Scottish summer is like dressing for a festival, summer dress, cagoule, wellies.

Autumn, on the other hand, is much better. In London when autumn arrived I used to pile on the coat, the beret, the scarf and then get too hot. No such worries here.

Super Gran, she’s got more bottle than United Dairies.


*note, I have friends now!